Quick Ways To Make Money Online

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With the economy in not the best place financially, having a steady day job might not even generate enough income to sustain the average family. Schools are getting more expensive, healthcare is going up, and the average cost of living is growing every day.

With all of these financial burdens bearing down on the average person, more and more people are looking to make a little money on the side of their regular jobs. People are accepting part time jobs and freelance work to cover a few extra bills here and there. This type of work isn’t nearly enough to sustain itself as a “job” on its own, but it’s surely enough to make a little bit extra here or there.

One of the most common venues for people to make a little extra money is by doing some sort of work online. This can range from writing content for websites to taking surveys for marketing companies, but all it takes is a little extra time on the side of what you normally do on your computer when you get home from work. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make a little extra cash on the side online.

make money online

make money online

Content Creation

Almost anyone these days can be a blogger. It’s free to start your own site and start writing. If you’re any good at writing, then you need to check out online content creation services that pay you for writing. That’s right – you can be paid to blog. Sites such as ContentBLVD and Fiverr offer writers the opportunity to either offer their services, or search for posts wanted. Payment is based on the length or complexity of the article, word count, or set at a flat rate (such as with Fiverr.) It’s fairly easy, you don’t have to think of the topics, and they usually pay directly into a PayPal account, so there’s no hassle for you. All you have to do is prove your writing skills and get to typing.


Marketing companies and other industry specialists all over are looking for every demographic to take online surveys. These surveys tell the industry what the consumers are looking for and demonstrates the general mood among the public. Plus, they pay. Legitimate survey sites are given a budget by a company looking for market information. Part of that budget goes directly to the survey takers, including you! Watch out for scammers, though. Any site that requires you to have “paid access to a survey list” is probably not legitimate. Some sites offer payment in gift cards and coupons, too, so make sure to check the terms and conditions or FAQ of the site you go on.

Human Intelligence Tasks

Amazon.com runs a service called Amazon Mechanical Turk, or Mturk for short. The service offers companies the use of “workers” (you) doing human intelligence tasks (HITs.) HITs are individual tasks, such as surveys, menial tasks such as data entry, identifying inappropriate web content, basically anything you can think of. Completing these tasks earns you a small amount of money, cents at a time, but it can increase over tim. This is especially good for people who want a no-brainer way to make a little bit of extra cash online.

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