My Personal Review: Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Web Hosting World is so vast that there are thousand of Web hosting companies out there who have their own pros and cons. As You all know That Godaddy is one of the Top Domain Registrar. But Here I will tell you more about Godaddy managed WordPress Hosting. You might have had heard that Godaddy is Good for Domain Registration and not for Hosting. But this review will show you how best is Godaddy WordPress Hosting. When I had started my blogging career , I had choosen one of the Indian hosting provider (basically a reseller of Hostgator ) Everything was quite Good for first few months, but later things became worsen and I received frequent downtime’s, Some time it is about 12 hours or more. This was really ruins my blog performance and i was really worried about my blog. So, Later I decided to move my blog to another Hosting provider and came up with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting.

Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting

Review of Goaddy Managed WordPress hosting:

So, I was ready to move my blog to Godaddy. When I was Check their site, I found that They are providing some discounts (They often provide discounts and coupons) on their wordpress hosting plans. So, I was sign up with their “starter” Plan. They are currently provide free domain names with any of their wordpress hosting plans.

Note:- I have not transfer my domain, So, I decided to move my blog to a new domain. Thats I register wmblogger and move my old site webtalkerz to it.

The transfer of site is flawless and has been done in less than a hour. They simply ask you to fill up the form with your old site details like wp admin user name and password and your ftp details. Thats it your site has been automatically transfer to your Godaddy account and they put it in a temporary domain, where you can verify your transfer like links are ok not broken etc. After that you can easily replace this temporary domain to your new with just a click.

godaddy managed wordpress hosting

godaddy managed wordpress hosting

Godaddy Create site

If you are try to register a new site then you have to choose your domain where you want to install WordPress and click install. It also comes with thousand of themes and lots of customizable option.

Features of Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting:

GoDaddy offers lots of other great features with their managed plans including nightly backups, Malware scans, 24/7 support and some useful free ad credits that you can use to promote you brand new website. Page visit limits and storage space vary with each plan level, so just make sure that when purchasing a plan you choose the one that meets your traffic and data level needs.

Another Great thing is built-in caching. So, No need for added plugins or plans – GoDaddy’s built-in caching not only helps speed up your site and is yet another feature you don’t have to setup yourself.

The robust Platform is designed for only WordPress site so, that you will get maximum performance with zero percent downtime.

Godaddy Manage WordPress Hosting Comes with Excellent Customer support. To check this I deliberately mis configure one of my WordPress files and my site send internal server error. I then contact their customer support team and they will restore my site less than in minutes without losing any setting.


So, At Last I can say That If you are really passionate about blogging and want to make your blog to next level without comprising with performance the Godaddy Managed wordpress hosting is right choice for you. This blog is also hosted with Godaddy Managed wordpress hosting and I am really happy with it. So, I will suggest you give a try to Godaddy.

If you’ve used GoDaddy’s managed WordPress Hosting let us know what you think in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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