How to Get Your Adsense Account Approved

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Today There is so much rush of getting a approved Adsense account. Google Adsense is considered as one of the best CPC, CPM Ad Networks. The rates are so dynamic that even small websites with good content can make a Good penny from Adsense. Sometimes website owners get annoyed after several times applying for Adsense account but did get approval and give up. Google Makes their policy strictly with the span of time. So, You have to adapt with their Guidelines and policies in order to get approved by the Adsense Team or even sustain your Adsense account from being banned. In This article I will Show How You can make your website comply with the Google Policies in order to get a Approved Adsense account.


To get a Adsense account you have got a website first. So, Purchase a Hosting along with a Domain like .COM,.NET etc. I will suggest you to go with the top level domain. After that Install a WordPress to your site. WordPress is considered as one of the best Content Management System and widely used by the website owners. If you don’t want to start a Web site at this time you can start it with free services like,


Now When You have already set up a website, You have to add fresh and unique content to your site. This is one of the major problems with the newbies for the rejection of their Adsense Application. So, Always make sure that You Have a Lot of unique content to your site, which will make the reason for your users to visit your site first. Don’t try to copy paste the articles or content from other sites. Don’t Post copyrighted material on your site. Don’t use copyrighted images, if use then make sure that you have licensed it properly. Sometimes you have seen that many websites with 100 of the posts did not get approval while some sites with 10 posts get approval. So, Always remember that content is king and content is only the way to get your Adsense account approved quickly.

Make your site navigate easily. You Can interlink your site content which will make a Good user experience. Add an About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy and Contact Us Page. This is an essential part for getting a Adsense account.

How to Get Adsense Account Approved

How to Get Adsense Account Approved


Now When you are ready with your site, submit your site to Google and let the Google Start indexing your site. You can use Google Webmasters Tools and add a sitemap, This will help Google to crawl your site quickly. This May Takes a few weeks to months. This will also help you to fully get indexed by Google and you can easily pass one of the Google requirements that is 6 months old site. Now focus on your site SEO Part. always try to get as much as organic traffic. Don’t ever think to use traffic exchange, Paid to Surf, Paid to Read etc sites to Promote your Website. promote your site to Social Media sites, this will give you to get some of the loyal readers.

Ok! Now the above three steps will help you to pass out the Preliminary checks of Adsense. If you get Success in it, then you have to implement the ad code to your site in order to fully get your account approved. This is one of the crucial steps of the approval process because if you not properly implement the code then you might get disapproved of them.

So, Here are the Some of the tips to implement your ad code properly to your site. I will suggest you to don’t add any ad codes to the pages like “contact us” etc Where there have no or less content. Better you can use the full width template (Without Sidebar) for your pages. Implement ad code (300*250) to the middle of your blog post. don’t put the code above the content. Make sure that Your all categories, and archive section have enough post counts. better if you have more than 7. then Add a 160*600 Size banner to your blog sidebar. Thats it you are now Ready to Fully get approved by the Adsense Team.

All The above steps are fully based on my own experience and which I used to get my account approved. I hope That This Step will help you and also guide you to get your Adsense Account Approved. So, Don’t Even Give up, Consistency and Hard work is only the way to get a Approved Adsense account. Even I get My Adsense account approved after applying 15 times. So, Work hard and follow these Steps I am sure you will definitely get your Adsense account approved.

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