Does Email Marketing Really Work?

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When you talk about email marketing you are usually referring to a scheduled and structured campaign. This means that you have a set series of emails that you send out to potentially interested parties in order to get their attention and persuade them to buy from you. If you look into email marketing you’ll generally get mixed reviews as to whether this works and just how effective it can be. However one thing for sure is that it’ll never work unless you try!

The problem is that our digital world is a complicated one. Now a day’s social media plays such a big part of our communication methods online that things like email don’t always have the same big impact that they once did. This means that often to really get your readers attention in the right way you need to think of how you can link your social campaign into this. Generally speaking consumers react well to social media marketing so if you can link this and email marketing together you should find that it becomes more effective.

Does Email Marketing Really Work

Does Email Marketing Really Work

Gaining Trust

Realistically most of us will trust the recommendation of a friend or family member but less than 15% of us trust adverts. We’re used to them being misleading or exaggerating which means that you need to make sure your email campaign gains their trust as well as tries to sell them a product. If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful then it is important to recognize that any emails you send have two needs.

So if you’re going to send emails you need to make sure that you’re saying something that is worth reading and that you get their attention in the right way, otherwise you’ll find that your email campaign is not very successful at all and of course that is not something that you want.

So What is Working?

One of the best things you can do is email them and let them know why they would benefit from buying from you. You can almost assume that they already know about your product so all you have to do is tell them why they need it.

One great way of doing this is to show them examples of people who have already benefited from your amazing product. Ask for customer testimonials and even photos that your customers wouldn’t mind you using – this shows people that real people are using your product and this helps people you see how the product can be used in real life and relate it to their own needs.

When Should I Email?

When of the biggest deciding factors on whether your email marketing campaign will be successful or not is when you send the email you. A big part of this is predicting your customers needs and when they want to hear about new products. So for example when should you start sending out emails relating to Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Tell Your Customer What You Want

You need to make sure that your email is easy to read and your customer knows what you want from them. Include calls to action in your email texts because generally consumers will follow these without even thinking. So for example if you want them to follow you on Facebook, share the email with their friends or ‘buy now’ you need to tell them – so that they know what their role is too! If you send long lengthy emails which are confusing with no real direction then the chances are it will just be deleted and never referred to again, which makes your email marketing campaign pretty useless.

So – there you have it. Email marketing can most definitely be successful and effective as long as you go about it in the right way. Making sure you pay attention to the emails you send and that you send them when it is most appropriate is the best way to ensure its effectiveness. Of course there are companies that specialise in email marketing so you can always ask for their help and advice if this is something that you don’t feel confident enough to go ahead and do yourself.

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