Best Google Adsense Alternatives

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Google is still in the top position of PPC Ad networks. Most of the bloggers or webmasters want to have an Adsense Account. But The truth is most of them did not get approved and get disappointed. But I want to tell you that this is not the end, Google is not only the way to make money online.There are plenty of alternatives available, from which you can monetize your blog or website. In this article I am putting some of the great Google Adsense alternatives, which can help you to monetize your content.

Best google adsense alternatives is considered as one of the best and top Google Adsense alternative. Approval from is very tough and similar to Adsense. You will get approved if you have 75% of traffic coming from USA, UK. The program is currently in invite only So, you have to submit an invite form. Ads are very attractive and have more customizable options. The bad part of is if there is drop in traffic, they will disabled your account and it is very hard to reinstate it. You have got approval for each individual site to display ads. The minimum Payment threshold is $100 and can be paid by PayPal and Wire transfers.


Infolinks is also one of the best Adsense alternatives. They provide inline text advertisements. Recently They have added Intag and sidebar ads. you are able to customize your ads color. You have to submit a website for review in order to display ads. There is no requirement for the sites. The minimum payment threshold is $50 and can be paid by check, wire transfer and PayPal.

best google adsense alternatives

best google adsense alternatives


Adversal started in a few years ago is one of the fastest growing CPC,CPM network with high quality ads and Good rates. If your site has Good content and have more than 50000 page views per month you can approved by the Adversal Team. You have to submit a website for review in order to show ads. you are allowed to ad max four ad units per page. The minimum payment threshold is $20 and paid by PayPal, Wire Transfer.


Chitika is also one of the Good Adsense Alternative. There is no requirement for the publishers and did not have to get approval for a site to show ads. The cpc rates for US,Uk traffic is very high, but for International it is very low. The minimum payment threshold is $10 for PayPal and $50 for the check.

Affiliate Networks

This is one of my favorite and workable methods to monetize my site. There are plenty of affiliate networks out there like cj, shareasale, peerfly, linkshare etc. you will get paid for selling products and services of the advertisers. you have the freedom to choose the products according to your niche which you want to promote. commission rates start from 25% to 80%


Here I have put some of the alternatives to Google Adsense. Hope you all will like it and give your try to them. But according to me, I will suggest affiliate networks as it is very effective then others. However if you have any thought of it you are highly welcome to put it in by commenting below. If you like the article do share it and subscribe it.

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