About Us


Hello there,

This is Brigita Couture From Greek . Welcome to my blog. I hope you find the information on here useful.

I am a freelance writer, road warrior, work from home virtual office worker. I very much enjoy the freedom of being able to earn an income from home. If you read around my blog you will find articles and blog posts about various matters relating to working from home, small businesses, gadgetry and/or being a virtual entrepreneur.

I am certainly not getting rich in this business, but the income is nice. I have discovered that lifestyle is more important to me than net worth. Free time and a flexible schedule are things that cannot be bought in the corporate lifestyle. The only way I know to attain them is through self employment.

If you need input or advice on a niche project feel free to contact me using this form. I would be happy to share my honest opinion free of charge. I like helping people. I am also interested in exploring possible joint venture projects if you have one you would like to propose. That goes both ways. Whether you have your own ideas for a joint venture project or if you are looking for someone else with the ideas, please drop me a line. I would like to network with anyone who is looking for or offering those opportunities.

On a more personal level:

I am into building relationships online. I like people and I find that people usually like me back. I try to be as generous with my resources and my time as my life permits. I will not hesitate to help someone who seems honest so long as they really appear to be trying. So, don’t be afraid to ask.

You will find that if you get to know me, I am more than willing to use any means at my disposal to help you earn more money and get you more business. I don’t know nor use every trick in the book in this business; but, I know enough to be able to help other people in powerful ways. I find it truly gratifying to help other people unselfishly. It is very personally rewarding. Plus by doing so, I know that a few of you will pay me back immensely in any way possible when I really need it. It just feels good to brighten someone else’s day. Man it feels good.

Why would you want to go around selfishly hording all of your potential and all of your talent when you could be putting smiles on the faces of total strangers for no other reason than to know that they appreciate it? It makes your freaking soul glow. That, my friends, is the priceless gift of life that money cannot ever buy. Go make somebody’s day. Do it because you have the ability to do it. You don’t have to be generous financially. You can get even more pleasure by being generous of the non-financial assets you already possess.